Most plants will grow quite happily in containers and you can make just as fabulous a display using plants in containers as you can in the garden - great news if you're short on outdoor space. In our garden centre in Petersfield, you'll find a container for every plant: just match your plants to the pot that suits it best for instant success.

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Assortment containers

At Aylings Garden Centre, you can find a lot of different flower containers! We offer for example:

  • Pots come in a huge range of styles and materials from ceramic to terracotta, stainless steel and stone. Let your imagination run riot creating mixed displays of perennials and shrubs in larger pots for instant impact.
  • Troughs and grow spaces work brilliantly for growing vegetables on the patio. Place troughs against a wall to grow climbing beans, or divide a grow space as small as 1m x 1m into squares for planting a surprisingly wide variety of fruit and veg.
  • Hanging baskets brighten up the dingiest of entrance ways with brilliant scarlet pelargoniums or, for something different, tumbling tomatoes or chillies. In our garden centre you'll find not only the baskets but also liners and water-retaining gel to mix into the compost to hold on to moisture for longer.

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How do you put a plant in your pot

  • Make holes at the bottom of the pots, drainage is essential.
  • In order not to make the pots and bins top-heavy and as a drainage layer, you sprinkle a thick layer of hydro grains at the bottom, about ¼ of the pot.
  • Measure how much potting soil you need, so the plant will be placed as high in the container as it is in its plastic breeding pot. At the top keep 2-5 cm of space, as a pouring edge. Now fill the container to that edge with potting soil.
  • If the soil of the plant is very dry, immerse it briefly, with the plastic container, in a bucket of water. Do this until no more air bubbles come up. Then remove the plant from its plastic container and plant it in your brand new container. Fill with potting soil until the plant stands firm.
  • Water the plant well

At our Aylings Garden Centre in Petersfield you can also find potting soil. Potting soil has important nutrients that helps the plant for the first months. The staff can also help you with repotting your plant!

Get your plants a container

Come and visit our Aylings Garden Centre in Petersfield to get your containers! Our staff would love to help you out with choosing containers. Besides containers, we also offer a lot of other products as houseplantsperennialsannuals and many more products! You can find our opening hours and exact location on our contact page. We hope to see you very soon in our garden centre in Petersfield!

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